Friday, April 15, 2011

Prayer to Jesus

Dear Jesus

Thank you for dieing on the big heavy cross for my sins help me to do the right choices and help me to spreed the good news like you did.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Atheletics Day

On Friday Saint Pius had athletics for 2011. I was so happy because teams challenge.

Our teams were GECKOS KIWIS KEAS TUI everybody was sing and cherry. Then Mrs Pole announce the leader to get all the one yeas old to come to the starting line. The moment had arrived for when Mr gaffing banged those blocks they ran and ran i got up and started to seam and said go keas. When it was my turn i line up then walk my way to the starting line i was so so nervous i thought that i was gonna come last.

Then Mr Gaffney wacked the block then i started to run and i run like a car was chase me but at the end i came fourth but i was still proud of my self after all the race then Mr Coakly announced the winner the winner was GECKO then TUI and KIWI and the last team that came last was KEAS at i had a great time