Friday, August 26, 2011

Maths Reflection

This week I was practising solving addition and subtraction
problem by adding and subtracting ten and ones separately. For example :138+146=284.

Friday, August 5, 2011

I was excited, i was going to RAINBOW’S END today with my uncle Juston We went to Manukau. we went on his car when we arrived we got out of the car then we went and brought our tickets. Off we went.

When I walk in the first ride I went on the pirate ship it was scary because it went back and forward and my face was all most going to cry then I wanted to go on the fear fall but my auntie said no cause it is to scary so we had to go to Dino world.

When it was 12;30 pm we went and had launch next to to the log I had double cheese burger and a chocolate slash and fried chips after we home for a break .

After we came back and we went brought /took it to rainbow’s end and when we got there we spend 40 minute to find a parking then this man was kind to give us his parking because he was going.

And the the last ride I went on was the roller coaster we all most waited for 2 hour because the line was finally we went on then we home at 11;00 pm we were all tired so crashed at my uncle’s house for the night I had a good time.

Highlight Swimming Pools

My Highlight at the pools was fun and exciting.When I got in the water I could feel the bubbles from the other side coming towards me. Then we played seaman says to practise our skills. I can’t wait until the next swimming.