Friday, October 28, 2011

My Holiday

During the holiday I went to the beach. We were going to the Eastern Bay Beach. I and my family were so excited to swim in the cold water.Off we went it was a long drive but at the end we got there.

As I entered the water my legs started to shiver but I continued even though I felt like running back to my towel. Suddenly I felt something between my toes. I reached down and to my surprise I found a fish. Then I picked it up and set it free again. When i got back to shore my mum and dad had brought me some fish and chips.

After eating lunch I ran back to the water and swam but then I thought to myself if I can stay under water for long. So i did but the funny part was that I only lasted for about 3 seconds then i came up.Suddenly I heard a noise it was my mum time to go. I didn’t feel like going home but I had to it was cool. My favorite part was going to burger king for dinner but I still had fun at the beach.