Thursday, April 5, 2012

Retreat Recount

Last week the year 8 went on a retreat to Saint Francis retreat center at hillsborough.We went to reflect and to think about our future and our leadership.

We left at 10:00 i the morning.When we got there   
Brother Philip was waiting for us in front of the door then we were waiting for Miss tui to give our room number I was in room 20 then brother philip told us to go downstairs to the chapel.

Nexts brother told us to go up to the meeting room,gave us a leaf for your partner and we had to go find the tree for it my partner was rolland.

Then we had to go and have a shower before we have dinner i was the first one to finished then we had dinner but the teacher came too to have dinner too, after dinner we went to have some fun in the meeting room we played last card after that we had to go to bed i sleep in siliva’s room with daniel but i had a good time

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